A Step by Step Guide for Hiring a Website Designer for Small Business

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One of the most effective business tools for small and large businesses is the website. More and more new businesses are going online. A study by the Pew Internet Project has shown that nearly half of all Americans now have a profile or personal website. For a small business, an online presence is a must, however basic or outdated websites are no longer able to compete in the current marketplace, the internet has naturally given rise to an increasing number of competitors using it as a tool to raise awareness and generate profits.

Your company’s website is supposed to bring in new customers. It is also a chance to represent your company’s brand to the world and convey how effective your company is at what you do. It is imperative that you hire a web designer to implement your website, and these are just a few of the reasons why you should hire a website designer.

Benefits of Hiring a Website Designer

There are numerous benefits to hiring a web designer. A professional designer can create a visual identity for your company and help establish a design strategy for your company. The designer can also help improve your website’s performance and enhance your search engine ranking with an appealing design. It is proven that if you have a great design, your customers spend more time exploring your website and learning more about your business, therefore increasing their chances to convert.

Website Security is Non-Negotiable

Website security is the most important factor for businesses when considering hiring a website designer. A web designer needs to be skilled and provide you with tools to prevent hacking and viruses and should also provide you with links to additional resources to help you get to know and use your new website safely. The site should be secure and you should be able to trust the web designer to provide secure services.

As more businesses turn to online platforms, they become targets for cybercrime. In the spirit of increasing website security. An attack can lead to a huge drop in the number of shoppers, loss of business credibility and may result in financial loss.

Every business is potentially susceptible to risks. Part of the job of the website designer or agency that you hire is to make sure your online presence is secured and protected by utilizing the best technology available.

Technical Requirements

Either if you need a simple website at the beginning, you may want to incorporate more advanced functionalities as your business grows, a website designer should be able to provide you with a broad spectrum of technical skills to provide you with the features your website needs.

Otherwise, you find yourself hiring multiple website designers and consultants to stitch together your web project, which may also increase your site’s vulnerability.

Responsive Website Design

An experienced website designer who has web-development skills is ideal for any type of website. As the name suggests, website designers focus on the visual design of responsive websites and developers are more involved in the coding side and functionality, which provides a wide range of options, from custom sites, and website templates, to web applications and e-commerce.

How Much Does a Web Designer Charge per Hour?

Firstly, have a clear idea of what you want and what you need from your website. Do you only need a website designer to create a simple site through a drag-and-drop website builder? Or do you need a developer to fully code a personalized site from scratch?

Website developers and designers can work remotely, but it’s worth considering that cheaper rates can sometimes mean sacrificing the convenience of having someone local that can meet with you face to face to run through the details of your project.

Website designers and developers may offer project or hourly rates that can range from $50 to $150 per hour in Canada. It is recommended that you provide a clear guideline about your website goals in order to avoid unnecessary costs from numerous revisions.

Monthly Website Packages are a common option many businesses take to reduce their initial investment in their website project development, basically, you only pay a monthly fee and the designer takes care of everything from design, development, and regular maintenance to ensure your site is always up and running and free of breakdowns.

Monthly packages are a low-risk and affordable option for hiring a website designer for a small business. While maintaining ownership over your website with no setup costs.

What is included in a Monthly Website Package?

  • 100% Design & Development.
  • 24/7 Technical website health support.
  • Security, and data protection from spam and virus attacks.
  • Regular updates for products, news, articles, and blog.
  • Auto-email response integration.
  • Debugging and plugin updates.
  • Website Hosting.
  • Domain Name Maintenance.
  • SEO management to increase traffic and SEO rankings
  • Cross advertising services to promote your site.

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Monthly Website Maintenance Package Illustration

Communication with the Web Designer is Crucial

Hiring a web designer can be expensive and can be a complex process if clear guidelines are not put in place at the start of the website project. Ensure your potential web designer has all the necessary tools and materials they will need to build your website.

Expect them to take time educating themselves on the industry and what they are doing to give you great results, and expect the same back. This can be a critical step in the process that can save you time, money, and energy.

Terms of Agreement

To protect your intellectual property, it is important to make sure you sign a non-confidential agreement that reflects the scope of the services at every phase of the project.

This should include;

  • A detailed description of the services to be provided.
  • Website goals and desired outcomes.
  • The service fees and added services that you might need.
  • Intellectual rights.

Experienced web design freelancers and agencies will have a template set up already, ready to go.

Continuing to Work with Your Website Designer

Your business website is an ongoing project, and it’s essential you have a web designer on your side to help you update and maintain your site. With the help of a web designer, you can grow your business faster and be more competitive online while you focus on the important things to operate your business.


One of the advantages of hiring a website designer is that you will be able to get a high-quality website within a short amount of time and at a small price point. This is why a lot of small businesses, start-ups, and individuals are turning to web designers and hiring them these days.

Whether you are a company that is just starting out or you need a professional website for your own business, hiring a web designer is an essential decision and one you should invest in.

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